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About Us

From the Founder:  I am an avid biker, and I found myself stopping often to help people who had some mechanical difficulties with their bike.  They appreciated it, and it felt good to be a bike hero.  A win-win, so I thought I could make a road and mountain bike maintenance kit and instructions to empower riders to help themselves and help others, and pay it forward.  Hero Enterprises was founded to provide empowerment, sustenance, and support, to outdoor enthusiasts of all abilities. We're bringing the best mountain and road bike tool kit to the market, filled with detailed instructions and high-quality tools to keep you on the road or on the trail.

Hero Enterprises has a strong commitment to the environment and to the community.  In support of these commitments, we donate 10% of our profits to organizations and events that promote healthy communities and healthy ecosystems.

We rely on a carefully-selected team of experts, and a broad circle of friends and fellow athletes, to help us continually improve our products.