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Hero Kit for Road Cycling


Be the hero of your ride!  Help your friends.  Help yourself.  Don't ever be stranded without the right tools or know-how.  This kit, a retail value of over $75, contains step-by-step instructions, tools, and materials to help you with the most common (and many uncommon) issues you might encounter on your road bike.  This comprehensive repair kit for road bikes is intended to empower all levels of bikers to fix mechanical problems that can arise on any ride, and to get back home safely.


  • 12 Function Multi Tool w/Chain tool
  • Planet Bike Tire Levers w/ tire patch kit
  • 24 Page, waterproof Field Repair Instruction Manual
  • 9 Speed KMC Replacement Chain Link
  • 10 Speed KMC Replacement Chain Link
  • Yelo Velo high-psi Tire Boot (torn tire patch)
  • Frame Bolt
  • Cleat Bolt
  • Multi Use wipe
  • Duct Tape
  • Emergency Rain Poncho
  • ICE (In Case of Emergency) Card
  • LokSak

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Terry Green
Great product

Compact with everything you need.

Carrie Dittmer
Perfect for a Commuter

I commute 16 miles one way to work and this kit is perfect! Just add a tube and pump/co2 and you are ready to roll. I appreciate the duct tape, as we all know, duct tape fixes most things - including a sidewall tear. Just throw this in your pack and you are ready for many unexpected emergency repairs.

Briana V
Essentials and empowerment in the guide book!

As a road cyclist, mountain biker, a bike tourer, Im grateful to have this kit for the reassurance that if something needs a field repair, I will have all of the essentials to get the job done. The Field Repair Guide is amazing! It is thorough (almost too much info) but definitely something I carry. Its simple to have the tools but also having the step by step instructions gives me confidence in the ability to fix a broken chain, a flat tire, and any other minor repair that may come up. As a multi versed cyclist, I could benefit from the gear cable that is included in the mtb kit but otherwise, the essentials are the same. A couple notes- the kit is quite heavy. The tire levers are among the heaviest I have owned and the multi tool is not at all light. Also, Im not sure when Ill need the poncho, as a light wind/rain layer is always in my kit. If this isnt something you typically carry, the poncho is a nice light emergency back up. The bag that holds all the tools is nice and of high quality. Overall, Im very satisfied with this kit. Ill make minor edits to what i carry but I am confident that this kit will enable me to field repair any minor issues on any of my bikes. Its something I now carry in my pack on every ride.

Joshua Kreitzer
HERO Kit to the Rescue!

I broke a chain. No idea what to do about it. Then I dug into my 2nd water bottle (where I keep my tubes,CO2, levers, etc) and BAM! There was that handy dandy manual. Step by step, with pictures, I was able to change my first chain break. I had everything I needed! Ofcourse, I flatted out from a stubborn goat-head about 20 miles later, just my luck. Rather than slap a new tube in...feeling inspired from my previous experience with the HERO kit...I decided this time that I was going to patch it. You see...the back of the tire levers have patches in them. Go figure...smart tools with everything needed nicely tucked away so as not to take up too much space. I thought I would give the patches a try, I already had a spare tube and an extra CO2, so why not go for it. Still haven't changed that patched tire. These guys have thought of every issue you can have out there. I mean, dude, they even include tush wipes...just in case crap happens. For you weight wienies, they've made the kit as compact as possible, with patches integrated into tire levers. Brilliant. I also have to give props to them for their MTB Field Repair Guide...there is ridiculous good advice in there. All in all, I'm thoroughly impressed with the HERO Kit Folks. Thanks guys, for thinking of it all and proving your worth with your thoughtful Field Repair Guides along with quality repair gear

Essential part of my touring set-up

Jumping into bike touring is challenging and exciting. I remember mapping out a single-day route of 100+ miles, and thinking "What happens if my bike breaks in the middle of nowhere, and I can't fix it?" Having a solid repair kit in your pannier is crucial. Combined with a small pump and extra tube, Hero Kit's Road Bike Repair Kit provides what you would need to be your very own roadside hero. The water-resistant instruction booklet provides well-organized and clear, yet light-hearted instructions on how to fix specific bike woes. I love the difficulty rating given to each Rescue Card (or common bike repair incident). You can learn and measure the level of your newly attained bike maintenance skills! The additional beta for alternative uses of the repair kit tools is another excellent touch. The parts included in the kit are durable and thoughtful, for both new riders and seasoned ones. For road cyclists concerned about the weight of their bike, this kit might be a little heavy, however you can easily reduce its weight by leaving some of the heavier components, like the poncho, at home in your touring pannier. The Road Bike Repair Kit from Hero Kit is a well-designed tool for the beginner to avid road cyclist. It's now an integral part of my touring gear!